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bagKhan Brothers Bag Industries Ltd., founded in 2006 as a company, has grown to become the largest manufacturer and exporter of FIBCs (big bag) and woven polypropylene (WPP) bags in Bangladesh. The aim of the Company has always been, and still remains, to produce quality products meeting complete customer satisfaction. Efforts to meet this aim have resulted in the establishment of a vertically integrated production system. From Polymer extrusion to weaving, coating, printing and sewing, this system provides the needed flexibility to meet varied requirements of the customers.

The factory is located on the Dhaka Maymansing high way, about 30 kilometers from Dhaka city. Chittagong port, the main port of Bangladesh, is only four hours by road and Dhaka International airport is about two hours from the factory.

The head office of the company is located at Dhaka and accesible through phone, fax and E-mail.

Khan Brothers Bag industries Ltd. has a daily production capacity of over 13 tons.

Khan Brothers Bag industries Ltd. has the capability to produce various types of bags including followings :

  • FIBC.
  • Tubular bags with width up to 200 CM.
  • Up to three color flexographic printing on both sides.
  • Bags with coating inside or outside the bag.
  • Bags with or without gusset.
  • Valved bags.
  • Sandwiched bags with Kraft paper lining.

These bags are used for packing fertilizer, chemicals, food grains, agricultural produce, coal, animal, poultry and fish feed, sand, building materials, cement, salt, etc.

Khan Brothers Bag industries Ltd. is the only member of the prestigious EFIBCA (European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association) and FIBCA (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association) from Bangladesh.

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