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pa-5We at Khan Brothers Knitwear Industries Ltd. are delighted to advise you that we are now part of the family that is the Khan Brothers Group of companies.

Please visit Crystal at to view what our group has to offer.

Our customers are the most important visitors to any of our international clothing operations, - they are not dependent on us, we are dependent on them - they are not an outsider in our business, they are part of it - we are not doing them a favour by serving them, they are doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.

Since 2005 Khan Brothers Knitwear Industries Ltd has continued to evolve into a product development and sourcing organisation to augment its wholly owned manufacturing, and that of its extended KBG family which gives us the global positioning to provide an effective clothing supply chain of high quality, competitively priced Intimate Apparel, Womenswear, Menswear and Childrenswear.

We control our own factories in Sripur, Gazipur, Bangladesh with the use of KBG HQ controlled factories in Australia. We have invested and nurtured strong strategic relationships with manufacturing partners in India, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

It is the passion and commitment of our people throughout the world that will propagate and develop partnerships in manufacture and retail to meet and then exceed the needs of our current and future solicited customer base.

We are committed to working with customers who believe in, and are prepared to support, supplier/retail partnerships. We are not afraid of challenging our customers, as well as ourselves, in order to make us together stand out in the highly competitive market-place. By working together we can and will satisfy our mutual objectives.

We are passionate and dedicated to product, its design & development, quality and its ability to delight our customers for targeted differentiation.

We are a modern company with modern attitudes; we embrace the new realities of both technology and methodology; we never disregard the demand for innovation in all facets of our business and we continue to pay attention to the fresh and vital minds of the well-educated youth of today.

With this Company culture, it has become part of our daily function to embrace change and, just as importantly, to adopt a caring and compliant attitude to the working environment and welfare of our international employees and the greater local environment within all the countries in which we operate.

We have the will and determination to drive our company forward to increased success for the benefit of all those who share in it - our customer partners, employees and suppliers, whilst always retaining our professionalism and integrity.

I hope that you find our Website both interesting and thought provoking and we look forward to the possibility of being of service to you.

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